Trip to the marine caves of Vieste

The main attraction that will make your stay in Maresol unforgettable is the excursion with our private boat.

Francesco, an expert nautical guide, will take you along the south coast of Vieste to Baia delle Zagare, to discover coves, inlets, sea caves, islets, stacks, a nature with strong colors made even more irresistible by the whiteness of the limestone cliffs and the green of the Aleppo pines that descend from the heights of the hills to touch the sea. Passionate about the area, he will tell you the history of the Gargano, from the Paleolithic, through the various centuries, a succession of peoples who have landed here, Greeks, Byzantines, Normans, Swabians and Angevins, still visible evidence in the medieval town of Vieste. Here the millenary history is intertwined with the legend, from Diomede to the romantic and poignant love story of Cristalda and Pizzomunno who by a spell, every 100 years, on a night of full moon, love each other on the beach until the first glare of the sun, to then return to the depths of the sea, he will petrify in the form of the beautiful monolith called Pizzomunno. A trip that will warm your heart every time the memories of your trip to the Gargano promontory resurface. A large spur that extends towards the east with its profile sculpted by the mistral and the north-east wind, by the waves of the sea and the rain that over the millennia have been able to carve the coast, making it unique and beautiful, an unforgettable experience !!!