Our production of extra virgin olive oil

The first striking image, when you arrive on Gargano, is the immense expanse of centuries-old olive trees that wind from the hills down to the valley, reaching the beaches.  Another aspect that fascinates the traveler are the shapes of the olive trees, almost forming a dense army that stands guard over the territory. Gnarled arms outstretched towards the sky make these sentries even more dramatic, and even invite embracing one by one.


The best known type of olive is the Ogliarola Garganica. Our oil is produced from this native variety.  

When we bought the first 2 hectares of land to build Maresol, we had about seventy olive trees. The harvest provided us with an exquisite extra virgin olive oil. Four years ago we acquired another hectare of land adjacent to the Residence, containing a wonderful plantation of 140 additional Ogliarola Garganica trees.  


Fortunately, Francesco is passionate about the care of our olive trees. It is he who follows the entire production from harvesting to pruning. This is a very tiring job that he carries out with dedication and now also with great skill gained over the years.  Ours is a small production that makes us proud because we follow an ancient tradition. With this method we produce a real nectar, with low acidity, and a flowery and fragrant bouquet with a delicate but intense flavor.  The presence of antioxidant phenolic compounds in our extra virgin organic olive oil offers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hypotensive properties, as well as special spicy sharpness.